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" Dandy  "
Feeders & Water Troughs
Also Dog & Goat Shelters!


"The newest design for  multi-purpose livestock
 feeders that are durable, portable, & safe."

Sizes, pictures, prices & measurements listed below - horses,cattle,sheep/goats

Can customized to specific heights, no extra charge!      530-521-6605

Tired of having the animals tear up, destroy, move their feed trough?

Tired of not being able to move a feeder by yourself, or in the mud, or cost hundreds of dollars just to last a couple of years?

I was, so my husband starting making these feeders and they are awesome! 

These feeders are made for lightweight portability (fit in a pickup bed), yet are durable and stout enough to stay put.  

 And, they are really safe, I don't have to worry about having an animal get hurt.

Feed both hay & grain in.  Great for creep feeding young livestock,  multiple animals can share out of, or use as a single feeder.
Keeps feed off the ground & from being wasted.

click on pictures to enlarge them

Constructed of:
Steel tubing box & pallet frame that allows drainage in winter, & lightweight portability, but has the toughness so  livestock can’t move, tip over, or damage like normal feeders.

Poly trough lining is durable & thick with tapered drain allows rain to escape to keep trough empty in the winter

 Heavy duty easy swing valve located on the bottom middle of unit allows easy draining, or close to use as a water trough, it’s that simple.

When used as a water trough, holds around 225gallons on the bigger units.

Made to be used by all species: horse, sheep, cattle, goats: customized to whatever size is needed depending on the species of animal.

Inside diameter of all size troughs is 38" x 46"

All troughs with valves come with a 6" bottom metal pallet frame



Troughs come in varied heights & rails before we modify, that is why there is a 3" to 5" variance in height measurements on similar troughs. Heights are appx.

For size reference, all horses shown in pictures are Quarter Horses.

Click on pictures to get an enlarged view. This picture let's you see the height comparisons.


Horse Feeders / Waterers
$ 125.00
Height 36" to 45"

 Standard size horse feeder (35" to 45" tall) fits the average size horse, yearling & older. Feeds anywhere from 1 (dominant horse) to 4 (non-dominant) horses, all depends on the herd hierarchy.


For mid-size ponies or weanlings, we recommend the round tub feeder (pictured further below on this page)
( 28" to 33" tall) to allow easier feeding with their shorter height.

 For mini's, can customize smaller, recommend the
 2 rail (18" to 25").

For Creep feeding or Salt Block stations, recommend the lowest height available
(12" to 15")


 Pony/ Cattle
Height 28" to 33" tall
Recommended for midsize ponies, weanlings & cattle.

Lower Feeders /Dog Pools
$125.00 with valve
Height 18" to 25" tall Have also been used for water pools for larger water bred dogs.
 Dog Houses
Pictured with dog bed added & a 60 lb size dog. Would sleep 2 dogs of this size.

For dogs, easily add your dog's favorite stuffed dog bed to the bottom, or add shavings or straw for easy clean out. Can make small or larger openings based on breed/size of dog.


Goat & Sheep

All come with 6" pallet base, heavy poly bottoms, & valve for easy hosing out.

Removable turn cap on top allows removal after rainy season for more ventilation.

 Goat shelters- leave bottom empty or add straw or shavings for added warmth.
Can adjust door width for horned goats if needed.

Garden Tubs $15.00  
Height 10" to 15" tall
3' x 4' - some with rail some without. Has 5" screw drain in bottom that can be removed.
Keep the Moles out of your Veggies!!
250ga/275ga non-pottable liquid storage

Liquid/Water Storage Units
Completely enclosed unit with valve bottom release  top screw cap (5" appx) fill. Not recommended for storing water for human consumption. 250 to 270gallon size

Round at 134gallon (potable)

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